Warwickshire Town Network

The Warwickshire Towns Network was set up by the Sustainable Communities Team to help support and grow town centre businesses and partnerships. The network brings towns and villages together to share ideas and solutions and learn from and support each other.

All organisations and businesses who have an interest in the health and vitality of Warwickshire’s places are welcome to participate. The network has a strong Twitter following and gets together monthly for networking.

The annual conference of the network attracts a wide range of professional bodies such as the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) and the Institute of Place Management (IPM).

Additionally, forums are held throughout the year with ‘place practitioners’ from each town to discuss current plans and issues within the regeneration and town centre agenda.

  • The forums bring together representatives from local authorities engaged in town centre management and the high street prosperity agenda, as well as representatives from BIDs/own centre companies and town representatives from the smaller towns.
  • The purpose of the county-wide group is to share best practice and ideas between towns and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • The group can also inform about any business and funding opportunities, relevant national and local policy, initiatives and trends as well as public sector activity that affects or impacts on the high street.

For more information please contact the team.

Some of the forum members include: