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Information you need to bring

You will need to give the following information about the deceased:

  • date and place of death
  • full name and any other names they are known by or have been known by, including maiden name if a married woman
  • date and place of birth
  • last occupation
  • full name and occupation of their spouse or civil partner (if they were married, a civil partner or widowed)
  • usual home address
  • whether they were in receipt of any public sector pension for example. civil service, teacher, armed forces
  • NHS number (if known) or the medical card (if available)

To help ensure the accuracy of the information recorded, it would be useful if you could bring supporting documentation with you . For example passport, utility bill, birth and marriage certificates. Do not worry if any of these documents are not available, as the registrar can still proceed to register the death. 

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