Deliberate fires


Arson threatens lives and damages property. Many fires are started deliberately in refuse/wheelie bins and grass areas.

If you see any suspicious activity in your area, please contact Warwickshire Police on their non-emergency number 101 (or dial 999 if appropriate) or call crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Top tips for reducing the threat of arson:

  • Report abandoned refuse to your local council
  • Look after your wheelie bin. If possible place out on the morning of collection and return to your property as soon as possible after collection
  • If you hire a skip, ensure that it is emptied as soon as it can be to reduce the risk of it becoming a target for arson
  • Do not leave a build-up of rubbish at the front of your property. Get it removed as soon as possible
  • Raise all incidents of arson, even the small fires, with your local neighbourhood watch members, the police and local fire station personnel.

Also see empty buildings arson prevention.

Rural homes/farms

Farms are particularly vulnerable to arson.

Isolated location, open boundaries and readily ignitable hay and straw make them an easy target.

Tips to consider:

  • Hay and straw should be removed from fields as soon as possible after harvesting
  • Hay and straw should be stored:
    • Separately from other buildings, particularly those housing fuels, agrochemicals and machinery
    • In stacks of a reasonable size, spaced at least 10 metres apart
    • Separately from livestock housing
  • Petrol, diesel and other fuels should be stored in secure areas and storage tank outlets should be padlocked
  • Fertilisers and pesticides should be kept under lock and key
  • Rubbish should be disposed of safely and on a regular basis.

Nuisance fires

If you spot a a nuisance fire, e.g bonfire please contact your District or Borough Council.

Controlled burning

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service are regularly called to fires which members of the public believe to be emergencies but, on attendance, are found to be bonfires or land clearance.

Please let us know if you are planning a type of controlled burning, which will be visible to passers-by. For example:

  • A sizeable bonfire in your garden or on other land
  • Any sort of fire on farmland
  • Stubble burning

Please call our non-emergency number: 01926 423231.