Abandoned vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is one that has been discarded by its owner. To be classified as abandoned a vehicle is generally:

  • untaxed;
  • significantly damaged, run down or un-roadworthy;
  • vandalised, e.g. broken windows, flat tyres, lacking number plates, contains waste;
  • burnt out;
  • badly parked or left in a isolated, unusual, or dangerous position;
  • stationary for a significant amount of time.

What should I do if a vehicle has been abandoned?

In the first instance you should call Car Clear on:

0800 1699 900

Car Clear is a scheme set up in partnership between Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Counties five District and Borough Councils, Warwickshire Police and a private sector partner to remove abandoned vehicles before they become a risk to the community.

Untaxed vehicles

Vehicles without current tax can be reported through Car Clear. Alternatively they can be reported online

DVLA – report untaxed vehicle

What do I need to do to get my vehicle back?

If you think your vehicle has been removed because it was untaxed or reported as an abandoned vehicle you will need to contact either your local District or Borough Council or Warwickshire Police on their non emergency telephone number 01926 415000.

Please note that there are statutory fees for the removal and disposal of abandoned vehicles these are as follows:

  • Removal – £150.00
  • Storage – £20.00 per day for a maximum of 28 days
  • Disposal – £75.00

Additional Information

If a vehicle has been left in a dangerous position, causing an obstruction to the highway or suspected of being stolen you should contact your local police station.

Abandoning a vehicle is a criminal offence, carrying a maximum penalty fine of £2,500 or 3 months’ imprisonment, or both.