Have you won the Euro lottery, been told that a relative has left you £millions in a Hong Kong Bank account, or received an unexpected phone call to let you know your computer needs fixing? If the answer is yes, then you are one of the thousands of Warwickshire residents who are targeted each year by criminal gangs attempting to scam and defraud you!

Fraudsters, often operating from outside the UK use the postal system, phone and Internet to scam consumers. They use a variety of methods to encourage consumers to send them money or reveal their personal or financial information. They may pretend to be a genuine business, claim you are owed a tax rebate or have won the lottery or offer to pay for your goods using forged cheques.

Warwickshire Trading Standards has a range of information and advice, including details of the latest local scams reported to us, to help you keep ahead of the criminals and protect yourself.

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For information and advice on rogue traders, high pressure doorstep and telephone sales people, scams, frauds and cyber-crime, visit our consumer advice web page