Road safety

Car in Warwick

  • Driver Offender Retraining (including Speed Awareness)

    Warwickshire County Council provides the driver retraining courses Speed Awareness, Driver Alertness, What’s Driving Us and Driving for Change in partnership with Warwickshire Police and as part of the National Driver Offender Retraining scheme. The courses are for motorists who have been given the option of attending as an alternative to prosecution.

  • Gritting

    We grit 46% of our 3820 kilometre (2368 mile) highway network. All roads cannot be treated due to budget, gritting vehicle size and mobilisation time.

  • Road safety in your area

    Request a pedestrian crossing and information about School Crossing Patrols and local schemes.

  • Speed

    We are responsible for speed limits on all public roads, except motorways and trunk roads which the Highways Agency maintains (A5, A46, A45 from Coventry to M45 & A452 north of Stonebridge) and many speed schemes.

  • School crossing patrols

    School crossing patrols operate across the county helping thousands of children on their journeys to and from school each day of term .

  • Road safety for parents and young people

    The number of children killed or seriously injured in road accidents has reduced significantly; the 69% reduction since 2002 is better than the national average.

  • Road safety advice and information

    A useful list of road safety advice links and further information.

  • Road safety courses

    Motorbike, minibus, passenger vehicles and cycle training and assessments.

  • Managing Occupational Road Risk for Business

    Occupational Road Risk affects employers and employees alike with a cost of £2.7bn every year to business as a result of road collisions.

  • Nuisance motorcycles

    If you are bothered by off-road motorcycles, quad bikes or go-peds, report them online here.