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The Youth Justice Service works with young people aged between 10 and 17 years who have offended or are likely to do so.

Services provided

The Youth Justice Service:

  • acts as appropriate adults for children and young people held at the police station
  • assesses and provides programmes of work for children and young people subject to a final warning
  • provides support for young people on bail
  • finds accommodation for children and young people remanded to the Local Authority
  • prepares reports and other information for courts and criminal proceedings using information from families and schools
  • provides a person who will support and supervise children and young people subject to supervision orders, community rehabilitation orders, community punishment orders, and detention and training orders
  • provides responsible officers in relation to parenting orders, child safety orders, reparation orders and action plan orders
  • implements referral orders
  • offers victims of crime the opportunity to meet the young offender and to relay information to them.

Youth offender panels

Youth courts throughout Warwickshire started to refer young offenders pleading guilty who appear in court for the first time to youth offender panels.

These panels are made up of two trained volunteers from the local community and a member of the youth justice service.

Talking to the young person, the parents or guardians and wherever possible the victim of the crime, the panel will agree on a tailor-made contract aimed at putting things right and helping the young person to stay out of trouble in the future.

Aims of our service

We play an active role within:

  • Crime reduction partnerships
  • Drug action teams
  • Area child protection committees
  • Area criminal justice liaison committees and court user groups
  • Social and economic regeneration groups.

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service has a commitment to provide services and support with sensitivity and awareness of the issues associated with oppression, and social exclusion.


The Warwickshire Youth Justice Service is a multi-disciplinary team which works in partnership with other teams and agencies and includes workers from:

  • social care
  • probation
  • police
  • education and ConneXions
  • health

By working with other teams, agencies and district councils we contribute to community safety plans, to prevent offending.


Nuneaton office

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service
Nuneaton Justice Centre
PO BOX 3946
Vicarage Street
CV11 9AB

Tel: 024 7648 2900

Leamington Spa office

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service
Warwickshire Justice Centre Leamington Spa
Newbold Terrace
Leamington Spa
CV32 4EL

Tel: 01926 682650

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