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We recognise the fact that highway verges are a valuable resource for wildlife and biodiversity and, as such, they need to be managed with care and attention. The release of the good verge guidance document by Plantlife and the national discussions around climate change have brought the topic of sustainable highway verge maintenance into focus.

Plantlife - The good verge guide (PDF, 2.2MB)

Our community engagement scheme gives local groups an opportunity to explore the possibility of reducing the level of grass cutting, to enable the existing flora and fauna to flourish, or to grow a wildflower area on a highway verge.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in this scheme and help contribute to manage roadside verges in a manner that promotes biodiversity, special wildlife habitats and wildflowers, you will need work collaboratively with a relevant authority to make the application and provide a copy of the accompanying documentation as detailed on the form. We will only accept an application from a parish, town, district or borough council.

Wildfower verge application form (DOC, 165KB)

There are a number of criteria that must be met in order for us to consider granting approval for a community engagement scheme, all of which are detailed in the Highway Verge Management Policy.

Highway Verge Management Policy (PDF, 195KB)

Approved wildflower verge application process

Initial stage

Applicant completes the application form and sends to us with required documents for consideration.

Site visit stage

If the checklist criteria is met we will arrange a site visit with the applicant.

Final stage

If final approval is granted, a consent form will be send to the applicant to complete and return to us.

Maintaining highway safety will be the overriding priority. Applicants are responsible for meeting all health and safety requirements, including ensuring anyone working on the verge has the required personal protective equipment and has been provided with the site-specific risk assessment prior to commencing work. An example risk assessment has been provided for your reference; however, it will be your responsibility to carry out your own site specific risk assessment and include a copy with your application. The Health and Safety Executive website provides risk assessment templates and examples.

This opportunity is a wildflower process, meaning that it grants permission for wildflower seeding or grass cutting only, and verges must not be excavated or dug in any way.

This is a really exciting opportunity for communities to come together and collectively contribute to improving biodiversity and increase the aesthetic appeal of our highway verges.

Please contact with any questions you might have.

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