Pay and conditions

Rates of pay for operational wholetime firefighters

  • Trainee (Phase 1) 12 Weeks** - £24,191 
  • Development (Phase 2) 12 weeks – 24 months**  - £25,198 
  • Competent (Phase 3) - £32,244 

(correct as of July 2021) 

**Timings are approximate and may vary 

Pension benefits  

New entrants will be contractually enrolled on to the Firefighter Pension scheme 2015.  

Highlights of the pension include:  

  • A pension of 1/59.7th of your pay every year, added to your pension account and protected against inflation.  
  • The option to convert part of your pension into a tax-free lump sum when you retire.  
  • Immediate payment of pension benefits to you.  
  • Retire at pension age – 60 or retire early from age 55 (but with an early payment reduction).  
  • A lump sum of three years’ final pay if you die in service.  
  • A substantial employer contribution towards the cost of your benefits.  
  • The choice of deferring payment of your pension benefits until State Pension Age if you leave the scheme early or transferring them to another pension arrangement (unless you were a member for less than three months when you would get a refund of contributions instead.  
  • Employee contributions vary from 10% to 14.5% of your pay depending on your rate of pay.