Information for employers

We understand that some employers may have a lot of questions before allowing an employee to be released for on-call firefighter duties. 

Releasing an employee to become an on-call firefighter is an important decision. 

It cannot happen without your agreement, and you need to know how it would work for you to make an informed decision and feel confident about supporting your community in this way. 

Benefits for employers

Many businesses find on-call firefighters help them build a positive reputation as responsible employer that cares about their local community and encourages workers to fulfil their ambitions. 

On-call firefighters are highly trained professionals who can bring added value to your organisation at no added cost. They gain many transferable skills that can be useful in any workplace. 


On-call firefighters learn to work well in a team, to think quickly, take responsibility and use their own initiative, to communicate effectively and to work calmly under pressure. 

On-call firefighters are trained in emergency skills including incident command, first aid and trauma care which will assist your business on health and safety, first aid and fire related matters. 

Many on-call firefighters are trained by us to drive fire engines, which includes obtaining a Large Goods Vehicle licence. They also receive Emergency Fire Appliance Driver training, similar to an advanced driving test. 

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If you are an employer considering releasing an employee for on-call firefighter duties and have a query, please contact our recruitment team at