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Our plan

Community Risk Management Plan

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS) has a statutory duty under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, via the Fire and Rescue Service’s National Framework, to prepare a Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP).

The CRMP has four components:

  1. The WFRS Prevention, Protection, Response and Resilience Strategy (PDF, 3.4 MB), which sets out our vision and priorities and how we will make Warwickshire safer over the next five years
  2. The Risk Analysis, which assesses fire and rescue related risk in the community
  3. Performance Measures, which measure the impact of the strategy on reducing risk in the community
  4. The Statement of Assurance 2022/23 (PDF, 11.3 MB), which provides financial, governance and operational assurance to the community and government. This is completed and published on an annual basis.

The CRMP  will be kept under review to ensure it  addresses  and mitigates emerging national and local community risks. 

HMICFRS - Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service Inspection Reports

The outcome of the latest HMICFRS inspection was published in September 2023 and WFRS had discharged two of three Causes of Concern and made significant progress in around 40% of the Areas for Improvement. The full report is available on the HMICFRS website along with previous reports from inspection visits.

A further letter (published on March 15) shows that the service, although the existing Cause of Concern has not been discharged, has made further improvements in its Fire Protection capacity. The plans made to address recommendations are ongoing and the service continues to prepare for the next inspection in September 2024.

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