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How we keep you safe

All Fire Services follow the Fire and rescue national framework for England.

Our purpose: Protecting the community and making Warwickshire a safer place to live.

Functional areas

Our focus is clear: that we will always prioritise the delivery of our statutory duties by reducing risk and vulnerability within Warwickshire through Prevention, Protection and Response activities. As a part of Warwickshire County Council and working with partners we will continuously improve our overall performance to be the best we can be. 

Customer service: Area Manager Paul Morley Ensures we provide a suitable and sufficient response to the public. It includes Operational Response, Prevention, Fire Protection and Fire Control. 

Continuous improvement and change: Area Managers Steve Langhor and Sally Waldron oversee the Fire Continuous Improvement and Change programmes, assess the impact of any Government, regional or local changes on the service and ensure that projects and developments are resourced in line with our service priorities. This area includes:

  • Operational planning
  • Technical and transport
  • Integrated Risk Management Plan
  • People Plan
  • Business continuity

Business support: Support is received for Human Resource, Finance, ICT, Communications, Performance and Planning as part of an arrangement with the Resources Group of Warwickshire County Council to enable the service to deliver its objectives and priorities.

Service delivery

Service delivery makes sure we provide suitable and sufficient response to the community, and that our firefighters have the best training, equipment and knowledge of their local risks.

Service support

Services support includes training and development, health and safety, operational planning, technical support and transport. All assist in the assurance that what we do is in line with national, regional and local policies.

Service improvement

Service improvement manages the change programmes within the service. This functional area, horizon scans to see what impact Government, regional or local changes may impact on the service and ensures that any projects and developments are resourced in line with our service priorities.


Vehicle Number
Standard Rescue Pump 23 on the run, 26 in service
Light Rescue Pump 7 on the run, 10 in service
Aerial Rescue Pump 1
Environmental Protection Unit 1 in service
High Volume Pump 1
Logistics support vehicle 1
Road Traffic Collision Unit/td> 1
Water Rescue Unit 1
Foam Tender 1
Water Bowser 2
Boats 2
Large Animal Rescue 1
Small Fire Unit 2
Combined Breathing Apparatus and Command Support Vehicle 1 in service
Command Support Vehicle 1 in service
Command Response Vehicles


Mass Decontamination Unit 1


We currently have 381  firefighters

Other staff

We currently have:

  • 1 chief fire officer
  • 2 assistant chief fire officers
  • 3 area commanders
  • 16 control room staff
  • 30 support roles (uniformed) and officers
  • anti-social behaviour intervention team (ASBIT) – ASBIT work at a very local level engaging face to face with young people known for setting small fires. To date, there has been a reduction of over 40% in arson-related incidents across Warwickshire.
  • the bicycle intervention knowledge and education (BIKE) – teams and the small fires unit also visit high-risk areas in the county

Fire stations

Our fire stations

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