• Reset Communities and Refugees - A national charity commissioned by the UK Government to help register and match refugees from Ukraine with sponsors from across the UK (matching and re-matching) 
  • Reset, which runs the only government-endorsed matching service, has published a Sponsor Toolkit 

  • Hand in Hand - A Coventry-based community organisation that matches UK sponsors and Ukrainian guests (matching and re-matching) 

  • OPORA - A national charitable organisation that provides both emergency and practical support to Ukrainians and their families who are looking to rebuild their lives in safety, having fled the war. In the UK they operate an online platform for Ukrainian guests and UK sponsors looking to match for the Homes to Ukraine Scheme.

£200 Interim payment for guest 

Each guest under the Homes for Ukraine scheme will receive a £200 payment once the guest has arrived in Warwickshire. Please advise us of guest arrival(s) by email - ukraine@warwickshire.gov.uk or telephone 0800 408 1447 so we can ensure the interim payment is made to the guest(s).