There is a need to ensure that only facilities which are genuinely used by tourists are signed. Excessive signing is detrimental to the environment. A balance must be struck between the needs of individual tourism businesses, the environment and road safety.

There are two authorities that control signs:

  • Highways England controls eligibility for brown signs on national trunk road networks (which includes most motorways).
  • Local authorities have their own policies on the provision of brown signs on local roads (in other words, all roads other than trunk roads).

We are responsible for tourism signs on the roads we operate and maintain, operated and maintained by the Local Authority (this excludes motorways and trunk roads). There is a policy governing the use of tourism signs and an application form, which is available via the link below, email or post.

Read the tourism signs policy

  • applicants should be aware that they will be responsible for the full costs of implementing the signs, including investigation, design and installation.
  • applications will be dealt with by the Traffic and Road Safety Team following the receipt of an initial investigation fee. This fee is not refundable if the application is refused.
  • successful applicants who wish to proceed will be informed of the total costs of the signs before proceeding. The application will remain active for three months post-approval, if no confirmation is received from the applicant then the application will be terminated.

For an application form, please contact