Atherstone is a market town with a rich history of hat making. The town is also known for the historic battle of female warrior Boudica and the Shrove Tuesday ball game - which has been played annually for 800 years. 

When residents were asked for their thoughts about Atherstone - which then formed part of the artists’ brief for this project - they said they would like new opportunities for pleasant spaces and colourful art. People also identified a need for more things that engage young people. 

toyStudio has created a contemporary sculptural resting place for Atherstone Bus Station on Station Road (CV9 1DB). With its links to a significant historic trading route on the old Roman Watling Street the artist has created a resting space which sits between two forms made from intersecting wooden panels. The patterns of the panels allow glimpses through to the surrounding environment and provide a focal point for the area.

Atherstone Bus Station, Station Street, Atherstone, CV9 1BU.

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