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Stratford-upon-Avon is a market town in south Warwickshire internationally known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. When residents were asked for their thoughts about Stratford - which then formed part of the artists’ brief for this project - they said that they were proud of the town’s community of local artists, the strong local community feel of the town but also its welcoming attitude to international tourists. People expressed the wish to see a piece which enables young people to interact with art and culture.

Ruby Road have created a ‘multi-use intervention’ at Stratford Recreation Ground, otherwise known as ‘The Rec’, reflecting the aspirations to improve the riverside area. The installation is to be placed near the newly-installed natural play area and tennis courts.

Stratford Recreation Ground - natural play area and tennis courts location

'We Shadows' is part of the Our Spaces initiative which features many projects to reinvigorate the town centres across Warwickshire. View the other projects within the Our Spaces initiative.

This playful piece will invite young (and those young at heart) people to lie, sit and dream on ‘beds’ located in the park. Typographical spells created with young people of Stratford-upon-Avon and designed by Ruby Road associate, local artist Clare Pentlow are etched into its canopy which casts playful shapes across the piece.

The piece radiates out over the town as a projection of the local young people’s hopes and dreams for themselves, their place and planet. These spells are part of Stratford’s new story.

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