Bedworth is a market town surrounded by smaller villages and rural countryside. The town’s industrial heritage, much like that of other towns in the northern part of the county, was hat making, ribbon weaving and coal mining.

When residents were asked for their thoughts about Bedworth - which then formed part of the artists’ brief for this project - they said they’d like to see more use made of the town centre hosting for example festivals and craft markets, with an ambition to become a go-to location for the arts. 

Nuneaton born artist Paul Channing has created a ‘Ribbon for Bedworth’ - a sculptural steel ‘ribbon’ over one of the waist-high planters in the heart of the town centre. The complex twists, curves and woven lines of the structure references Bedworth’s ribbon making history and the curvaceous, geometric brickwork of the streetscape. 

Situated on All Saints Square, the ‘Ribbon’ will provide a focal point and meeting place at the centre of the town, while retaining important views of the church when approached from All Saints Square and King Street.

All Saints Square location

'Ribbon for Bedworth'  is part of the Our Spaces initiative which features many projects to reinvigorate the town centres across Warwickshire. View the other projects within the Our Spaces initiative.

The project ties in with existing planters that divide the main high street. Looked at from two different directions, the ‘Ribbon’ provides two different views: dark green from the market canopies in one direction and bold orange from the vivid planting in the other.

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