County farms and smallholdings

We offer a range of part-time starter holdings, progression holdings, full-time farms, and other properties ancillary to the estate.

We support new entrants in the Warwickshire tenant farming sector by offering a foothold on the farming ladder and providing an opportunity for people without significant resources to become tenants of farms and smallholdings to start careers in agriculture, horticulture and rural enterprises.

Farms to let

If you have any questions or would like to discuss future opportunities, please email

Farms to let

All farms and smallholdings are currently let.

Application guidance

The following documents are provided as guidance towards making an application.

Warwickshire County Farms & Smallholdings Strategy 2015
County Farms application form (DOCX, 39.92 KB)
Applicant selection criteria (PDF, 7.67 KB)
Applicant shortlisting criteria (DOC, 62 KB)

Community growing

The estate is actively involved in establishing business links between local producers and promotes the sale of locally grown food at farmers markets and farm shops around the county.

To promote self sufficiency for families to grow their own food, the estate also provides land to parish councils for the provision of allotments for local residents.

Anyone wishing to cultivate their own allotment, please contact your local parish council for availability.

Our farms