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Information for practitioners

This section is aimed at Social Workers, Family Support Workers and Targeted Support Officers who can refer young people they identify as needing additional support to our service. The work will be linked to the overall programme of family support.  It is important that young people are involved in the referral process and have chosen to seek support from a youth worker.

1 to 1 Support

1 to 1 youth work is led by the needs of the young person.  The youth worker and young person meet and together make a plan on the things the young person would like to change in their life.  The youth worker will design the sessions with the young person based on that plan.  The sessions can involve games and exercises, tips and tools, and sometimes practical experiences.  Normally support will last between 6 and 12 sessions.

How to refer for 1 to 1 Support

Social workers, family support workers or targeted support officers can make a referral through Mosaic. Go to 'Start' on the young person's summary page and select 'TYS Youth Worker Request'.  Please ensure you have the consent of the young person and specify what support you are requesting. If you have any queries please email

GRITT (online)

GRITT is an online youth group project targeted at young people aged 11 to 18 living in Warwickshire who are experiencing mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and isolation.   The group aims to increase young people’s understanding of mental health and how it impacts on their lives and helps them to build the skills to cope with their future.

Please ensure that young people consent to online support and have access to be able to take part. 

To make a referral please complete the referral for TYS GRITT Project.

For more information contact or

Bike Project

This project which runs from Myton Park (Warwick), Bloxham (Rugby) and Ratcliffe (Atherstone) supports young people to repair and maintain their own bike as well as ride safely. To enable the project to continue throughout lockdown, biEdit Linkkes were delivered to participants so they can continue to be supported through online courses until the project can resume fully.  There is currently a waiting list to join the project. 

To make a referral please complete the referral for TYS BIKE Project.

For more information contact or