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Secondary schools

Etone College

From September 2020 the school has admitted an additional 30 pupils at Year 7 entry.  It has since been agreed to increase capacity at the school permanently, providing an additional 150 places over five years.  

Additional accommodation at the school to support this expansion has been approved and are scheduled to be completed by September 2024.

More information about Etone College New Build.

Stratford upon Avon School

Stratford upon Avon School are expanding by two forms of entry, 60 pupils, at Year 7.

This will involve extending the existing building to create new classroom space, extending the dining hall, kitchen and servery as well as additional recreational space and parking.

This will increase capacity at the school by 300 places over five years.

Shipston High School

Shipston High are increasing their capacity from 4 to 5FE due to the growing population in the local area, providing an additional 150 places in total.

The works involve refurbishments/remodelling of existing buildings as well as a new building to accommodate a gymnasium with changing and storage facilities.

 This will increase the school’s intake and Published Admissions Number (PAN) from 120 to 150 pupils by September 2024.

Oak Wood Secondary School

Oak Wood Secondary are expanding into vacant premises on nearby Bermuda Park. The site will provide additional capacity for up to 45 specialist places focusing on vocational education for children and young people.

Completion is expected by September 2024.

Queen Elizabeth School

Queen Elizabeth is expanding by 1FE, increasing the school’s PAN from 120 to 150, by creating a new two storey classroom and ancillary space. Extra places are required as a result of housing development in the area.

Expected completion is September 2024.

Evergreen School

Evergreen School is expanding using land directly behind the existing school building. This is due to increasing demand for specialist school places in Central Warwickshire.

The new two-storey building will accommodate an additional 40 pupils and will be reached by a planned access road from the new housing development behind the site. Its anticipated completion is August 2025.

Current consultations

There are no proposed secondary school expansions currently under consultation.

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