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Personal education plans (PEPs) and ePEPs

For children looked after, Personal Education Plans form part of the care plan for each child and young person. They detail individual needs and personalised learning and must be reviewed at least once per term.

Designated teachers lead on how the PEP is developed and used. Designated teachers should liaise with social workers and ensure that relevant professionals attend the meetings. The PEP review process can be determined around school assessment cycles. However they need to be sufficiently up to date to inform six monthly Looked After Reviews.

The views of the child or young person need to be sought for every review and they can attend part or all of the meeting, as appropriate to them.

Reviews should ensure that educational progress, in terms of SEMH and current achievement, is recorded and that provision continues to meet needs. Information in the PEP informs statutory reviews of the care plan and in turn, care plan reviews scrutinise the effectiveness of the PEP.

Further guidance is available in Promoting the education of looked-after children.


PEPs for statutory school age children looked after and post-16 young people are recorded on an online system. Access to this system is controlled by the Virtual School and all relevant professionals will have access to all ePEPs for the children they work with.

Carers and ePEPs

Carers have their own section on the ePEPs and their contributions are important. Carers should contact the Virtual School so they can be given access to the system.