Designated teachers

Annual training takes place in the autumn term. Further opportunities are offered in the spring and summer terms, often in conjunction with Warwickshire EPS - flyers are sent directly to the designated teacher’s email address and advertised in Heads Up.

Education Advisers visit settings to meet with designated teachers.  This will be to provide support, challenge, advice and recommendations.

Details of the full roles and responsibilities for designated teachers are in the statutory guidance and should be implemented in full.

For children looked after (CLA), additional funding for specific, time-limited interventions, is available and can be applied for by schools using the form below. This form must be returned via secure email and not just email alone.

A DT Policy is a statutory policy that the school must have in place and should be reflected in their working practices.

Reporting to governors

An annual written report needs to be shared with governing bodies. It is important that individual children cannot be identified from the report.

The Virtual School has put together a template to support designated teachers with this. This is a suggested format only and schools can choose whether to use all or part of the template.