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Regular attendance at school is good for children. It helps their social development, health, and mental wellbeing. Pupils who attend school regularly improve their chances of being academically successful.

Poor attendance can have an adverse impact on, friendship groups, self-confidence, resilience, and social, emotional and mental health. It can have a damaging effect on a child’s education and most work missed during an absence may never effectively be made up. There is a proven link between poor school attendance and low levels of achievement.

Children who are persistently absent are at an increased risk of involvement in crime, criminal exploitation of children and anti-social behaviour.

Warwickshire Attendance Service

The Warwickshire Attendance Service works in partnership with children, young people, families, schools and other professionals with the focus of improving school attendance.

The Warwickshire Attendance Service also undertakes the Local Authority’s statutory duty of prosecution of irregular attendance at school for offences committed under the Education Act 1996.

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