Where possible, we aim to offer a place at the school named as the highest preference on your school application. Nevertheless, remember that you can name up to six schools and it is important that your preferences are in the order you would like them to be considered. 

For each school you have listed as a preference, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Your child is added to the list of applicants for the school.
  2. The straight-line distance from your home address to the school is calculated.
  3. Every child on the school’s list will be ranked according to the school’s oversubscription criteria and distance.
  4. The school will offer places to as many children as possible (up to its Admission Number), starting from the top of the list and working down.

Of the schools that are able to offer your child a place, we will allocate them a place at the one with the highest preference on your application.

If we are unable to allocate a place at any of your preferred schools, we will offer your child a place at the school nearest to your home address which has places available.