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Our gritting policy

We grit 46% of our 3820 km (2368 mile) highway network.

When ice is predicted our policy is to grit:

  • all main traffic routes, A roads, most B roads and one or two other strategic routes
  • in urban areas, the accesses to hospitals and main industrial estates
  • a single route into all villages

All roads cannot be treated due to budget, gritting vehicle size and mobilisation time.

Schools are only gritted if they are already on the agreed gritting routes.

In the event of snowfall:

  • the roads receiving gritting will be cleared as soon as we can, starting in areas of the heaviest snowfall.
  • strategic link routes will be made accessible across the network first
  • highly used footpaths and cycleways will also be cleared

When snow falls are heavy, at least one route into villages will be cleared.

If you believe a road falls into our policy for gritting shown above, please contact us and we will consider the change.

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