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The County Council undertakes the maintenance of rural verges. Rural verges are those outside of the towns and villages that typically have speed limits in excess of 40mph.

Our policy is to carry out mowing on a safety basis rather than to enhance the appearance of the area. We do this to ensure that people can use our roads and footways safely. We carry out a one metre wide cut plus additional areas at junctions and on bends, for visibility purposes, three times a year.

Additional cuts may be sanctioned at locations where visibility is impaired and safety jeopardised.

Report overgrown vegetation online

The non-rural roadside verges in towns and through villages provide important gateways and contribute to the civic pride of an area. These verges are usually maintained by District and Borough councils. The number of amenity cuts differs dependant on the arrangement within the relevant borough or district council.

For more information on the maintenance of the non-rural roadside verges, please contact your district or borough council:

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