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Invasive weeds such at Japanese Knotweed must not be

  • composted at home
  • added to the green waste at HWRCs
  • Do not fly-tip Japanese Knotweed or any other garden waste.

These weeds are persistent, they will survive the composting process and infest areas where the compost is used.

We are committed to take a proactive approach to controlling ‘injurious weeds’, such as Ragwort and Japanese Knotweed.

GOV.UK provides detailed information about preventing harmful weeds and invasive non-native plants spreading.

It is our policy that where areas of infestation are identified on highway land, through our own inspections and/or public complaints, the weeds are treated with an appropriate chemical spray.

Where viable, we will work together with adjacent landowners where infestation covers both highway and adjoining land, to coordinate activities for their control.

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