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The Road Safety Education Team are passionate about helping individuals to become active on their journeys. We have recently launched our #JustOneJourney campaign where we encourage individuals to be active on just one journey. By changing the way you travel for just one journey can have exciting health and well-being benefits as well as being good for the environment. 

Our #JustOneJourney campaign looks at lots of different active travel choices you could make including more sustainable options such as Park and Stride, Rail and Bike or Park and Ride.

Dr. Bike

As part of our #JustOneJourney campaign we regularly hold Dr. Bike sessions around the county to help keep residents safe and mobile on their bikes.

Dr. Bike sessions are run by experienced cyclists and mechanics who will check your bike and make any minor adjustments on the spot. So if you would like your bike’s wheels, brakes, gears, lights or tyre pressure checked (amongst other checks) or if you would like to host a Dr. Bike session in your community or organisation, then please contact for more information or upcoming events near you.


Here in the Road Safety Education Team, we understand that not everyone may be confident cycling, or may need some guidance and support planning and carrying out their cycle journey. And so we are pleased to be able to offer the following training courses:

  • One to one training
  • Group cycling
  • Adult cycling
  • Love2Bike (theory and/or practical sessions for companies)

For further information about how you can access these free training courses please contact

Bike markings

We offer free security bike markings to all residents in Warwickshire. We hold periodical sessions throughout the year, and you can often find us at our Dr. Bike sessions. Bike markings are registered with Bike Register, a national cycle database. For more information, or if you would like us to hold a bike marking session in your community/organisation then please contact

Mature driver assessments

Warwickshire County Council in collaboration with key partners want to ensure older drivers have access to practical advice, support, and information to help them stay on the road and enjoy independent lives for as long as it is safe to do so.

Partners working in collaboration with IAM RoadSmart are offering older drivers residing in Warwickshire a free mature driver assessment.

The mature driver assessments are an opportunity for older drivers to gain a trusted second opinion on their driving and consist of a one hour informal driving assessment that includes information, advice, and support to keep drivers safely on the road. These assessments enable experienced older drivers to reflect on their own driving, increase confidence in their ability and to consider alternatives to driving should they choose. They can offer older drivers and their family’s reassurance prior to renewing driving licences at 70.

Please visit the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership to find out further information and details of how to book.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership - Older drivers

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