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Information for local residents

Residents living on streets included in this scheme are able to apply, free of charge, for a School Streets permit. This will allow them to drive that vehicle in the area where the restriction is in place.

A full list of exemptions can be found on page five

Changing your vehicle

Residents will be able to apply to transfer their permit to a new vehicle by contacting WCC’s School Streets team and informing us of this.


Any visitors are generally asked to arrive outside of the times this is in operation or to park outside of the zone (and move once the restriction ends). In exceptional circumstances where this is not reasonably possible then residents can apply for a permit for visitors.

In circumstances where someone requires access to your property for a particular period of time, e.g., builders or decorators, it is possible to apply for a temporary permit. Please allow at least 7 days notice for this to be issued and received.

Other vehicles that are permitted 

Some vehicles belonging to identified groups or situations are automatically allowed to drive in a School Street without first obtaining a permit. These include emergency services; healthcare workers; utility companies; refuse collectors; hire vehicles and any other exemptions stated in the Highway Code. Blue badge holders are also exempt.

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