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Combining cycling with rail travel is an ideal way to travel for longer distance journeys. You can either leave your cycle at the station by securing it to a cycle parking stand or by using a locker (where available) or arrange to carry it on the train so that you can use it at the other end of your journey.

Carrying your bike on the train

If you wish to take your bike with you on the train, it is advisable to check with the train company you will be travelling with regarding their arrangements are for cycle carriage, as each company has different policies. If you have a folding bike you will be able to carry your bike without having to make any special arrangements. See below for details of the cycle carriage policies of the main train operators in Warwickshire and links to their websites for further information.

Chiltern Railways

You can take your bicycle on off-peak trains. Tandems are not carried at any time on Chiltern Railways. There are no restrictions on folding bikes.

Full-size cycles cannot be taken on the following trains from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays):

  • arriving at London Marylebone between 7.45am and 10am
  • arriving at Birmingham Snow Hill between 7.45am and 10am
  • departing London Marylebone between 4.30pm and 7.30pm
  • departing Birmingham Snow Hill between 4.30pm and 7.30pm

These restrictions apply even if you’re only travelling for part of the journey.

Information and telesales: 08456 005 165

London Northwestern Railway

Allows bicycles on board all off-peak services free of charge, and many of their newer trains have dedicated spaces within them specifically for bicycles. Folding cycles can be carried without charge on any service at any time.

Full-size cycles cannot be taken on the following trains from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays):

  • arriving in London Euston between 7am and 9.59am
  • departing from London Euston between 4pm and 6.59pm

These restrictions apply even if you’re only travelling for part of the journey.

Travel Assistance: 0800 092 4260

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains services carry cycles free of charge but require passengers to reserve a space for their cycle ahead of travelling.

Tel: 05457 222 333

Leaving your bike at the station

If you don’t wish to carry your bike on the train, all the main stations in Warwickshire provide cycle parking facilities close to the station buildings or on the platforms. We have recently provided six new cycle lockers and sheltered cycle parking for six bikes at Stratford-upon-Avon station – ask at the station for details on leasing a cycle locker.

We have also worked with Chiltern Railways to increase the amount of cycle parking at Leamington Spa rail station. Sheltered parking is now available on platform 1 and 2 and this can be reached either via the steps/lift to the platform or through the small gate in the western corner of the car park. Five additional lockers are also available on platform 2 making a total of ten available for lease by season ticket holders – please enquire at the ticket office for details.