Applying for planning permission

Residential, industrial or commercial development applications

For information on planning applications for housing, industrial or commercial developments please contact your local district or borough Council:

Mineral or waste applications

Planning applications for minerals or waste related development should be submitted to us for determination.

We would encourage you to discuss your proposals informally with us before you submit an application.

We can advise you about which forms will be required, give you a view on whether your development is likely to be acceptable in planning terms, and help to identify any particularly important issues that you may need to address in your application, please contact us.

Planning Portal – advice on submitting a planning application.

Pre application advice

Planning pre-application charging schedule (pdf, 192 Kb) Pre-application fees schedule (pdf, 69 Kb) Request for pre-application advice (PDF, 27.36 KB)


Printable application forms

Application forms and certificates for mineral workings

Application Form for Mineral Working (pdf, 973 Kb)
Notes on making a Minerals Planning Application (PDF, 27.95 KB)
Application for Mineral Working Certificate A (pdf, 4 Kb)
Application for Mineral Working Certificate B (pdf, 5 Kb)
Application for Mineral Working Certificate C (pdf, 6 Kb)
Application for Mineral Working Certificate D (pdf, 6 Kb)
Agricultural Holding Certificate (pdf, 5 Kb)

Application forms for waste and county council (reg3) applications

Application for planning permission (pdf, 1.0Mb)

Outline planning permission with some matters reserved (pdf, 1.1Mb)

Outline planning permission with all matters reserved (pdf, 1.0Mb)

Application for a lawful development certificate for an existing use or operation (pdf, 820Kb)

Application for a lawful development certificate for a Proposed use or development (pdf, 771Kb)

Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval (pdf, 756Kb)

Application for removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission (pdf, 760Mb)

Application for approval of details reserved by condition (pdf, 746Kb)

Application for non material amendment following planning permission (PDF, 423.49 KB)

You may also need to submit an environmental impact assessment (EIA). An EIA is required in connection with planning applications for certain types of development which are judged to have significant environmental effects. Please contact us if you are unsure whether an EIA is necessary.

Completed applications should be sent to