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All permits are now virtual, no paper permits will be issued.

Residents and Visitors Permits

A resident’s parking permit is valid for 12 months, and under the Resident Parking Scheme each eligible property is entitled to apply for up to 3 Resident Parking Permits and 1 visitor permit (see exceptions).

Residents may also apply for one visitor permit. Applications may be made by residents of eligible residential properties situated in permit-controlled zones.

Permits entitle residents to park anywhere within the zone applied for and specified in the confirmation. This does not guarantee a space.

Vehicles over 3050kg unladen are not eligible for permits within the Residents Parking zones.

Owing to significant demand for on-street parking and the need to manage traffic throughput, the property/street in which you reside may be eligible for a permit without parking bays being present on that street. Please ensure the zone number for your permit corresponds with the zone number displayed on the parking restriction sign before leaving your vehicle unattended.

Residents and visitors must park wholly in the permit parking places marked out on the road. Vehicles must be parked so as not to cause an obstruction of the highway. Failure to do so may result in police or council enforcement action.

Resident permits are specific to one vehicle. If you change your vehicle, you must change the details associated with your permit and upload proof of ownership before parking the vehicle. If the correct vehicle registration is not registered on the permit system, the permit will not be valid, and a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.

The information provided must be correct. It is an offence to knowingly make false statements for the purpose of obtaining a permit, and any permits such obtained will be cancelled.

Visitor permits are NOT for the purpose of parking for any form of work, voluntary or paid, outside of the residential property that the permit has been issued to. The permits are not to be resold or passed on for the purpose of parking in a permit area to anyone not visiting the property of the applicant. Visitor permits are not to be used as an additional resident permit by the applicant or passed on for that use.

Inappropriate use or misuse of a permit may result in the withdrawal of that permit. In these circumstances, or where a permit application was made fraudulently, no refund will be due.

Reminders - although we will try to contact you to remind you via email when your permit is due to expire, please be advised that it is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure that a valid permit exists for their vehicle.

Renewals can be applied for up to 1 month prior to the expiry date. Customers are required to create and manage their parking permit account and upload the correct documentation onto the secure portal. Please allow sufficient time for the renewal to be processed before the expiry of the existing permit.

The permit must be cancelled in the event of any of the following circumstances occurring:

a) if you cease to reside at the property

b) if you sell or dispose of the vehicle shown on the permit

c) the council withdraws the permit, or it ceases to be valid for any other reason.

A permit which is surrendered will only qualify for a pro-rata refund where at least six whole months are remaining. An administrative charge will be made.

The permit holder is subject to the provisions of the current “Warwickshire County Council (Civil Enforcement Area) (Waiting Restrictions, On Street Parking Places and Residents Parking) (Consolidation) Order”. Details of which can be viewed at the County Council offices in Warwick.

For details on where you can park whilst using your permit, please visit

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  • Elsee Road, Rugby where residents of eligible properties may apply for up to 2 resident permits.
  • Zone R3, where residents of eligible properties may apply for 1 resident permit.
  • Mill Street, Warwick, where residents of eligible properties may apply for up to 2 resident permits.
  • Zones AW1 and AW2, (Ricoh Arena event days only) where permits are valid for two years and residents of eligible properties may apply for resident’s permits for all vehicles they own.

Proofs of residence and vehicle ownership

We require proof that you reside at the address and that the applicant either owns or is insured to drive the vehicle. The Council will audit the uploaded documentation; any permits containing incorrect supporting documentation with be flagged. The account holder will be notified by email requesting the correct documentation be submitted. The correct documentation must be submitted within 24 hours. Failure to provide the correct documentation will result in the cancelling of the permit.

Proof of Residence

Documents provided must show the name and address as provided in the application.

  • Council Tax Bill or Water Bill (this must be the last bill you received from your provider)
  • Bank Statement or Utilities Bill (gas, electric or landline telephone) and not more than 3 months old
  • Current Driving Licence showing address
  • Current Tenancy Agreement which must be signed by both you and your landlord
  • Solicitor’s Completion Letter if your property has been purchased in the last month.

Proof of Vehicle Ownership

We will only accept a copy of one of the documents listed below. Documents provided must show the same applicant’s name and vehicle registration number as the application.

  • Vehicle Registration Document (V5C)
  • Current Certificate of Motor Insurance
  • Hiring/Leasing Agreement
  • Official Bill of Sale (if the vehicle has been purchased in the last month)
  • If you drive a company vehicle and are unable to provide any of the documents above, we will require a letter from your employer on company letterhead, confirming the vehicle is owned or leased by them and that you are the sole keeper and user of the vehicle. We will also require a copy of the vehicle registration document (V5C) or lease agreement to be provided from your employer.
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