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Parking dispensations

Any person or business may apply to the council for a dispensation (waiver) enabling a vehicle to wait in a parking place for the purpose of carrying out essential works which require a vehicle to be left in that parking place.

An application should be made through the permit applications, changes and renewals portal. Select 'apply for a non-zone related permit i.e. car park, suspension or waiver' on the portal. 

Any dispensation would be granted only at the council’s discretion, and be subject to payment of the dispensation fee, which is £15 per day per parking space.

Parking bay suspensions

Any person or business may apply to the council for the suspension of a parking place if they have legitimate grounds to do so.

If a parking bay is suspended, vehicles are prohibited from parking in it at all times while the suspension is active unless they also have in place a valid parking dispensation (as above).

Parking bay suspensions are subject to payment of an administration fee of £60 plus (if the parking place is in a pay & display area) £15 per day per parking space.

Applications for parking bay suspension will be subject to advice from our Parking Management team and applications may be refused at the discretion of the council if the application is considered unsafe or does not take into consideration the needs of other users.

Applications for parking bay suspensions need to be made at least seven days before the required date and payment in full needs to be received by the council before the necessary signage will be implemented.

To apply for a parking bay suspension, please contact or phone 0333 003 0033.

We reserve the right to issue and withdraw dispensations and suspensions at our discretion.

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