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How will my care home be paid?

If the care home is privately run, we will agree on the weekly fee and pay the fee in full on a regular basis directly to the care home. This amount will be detailed on your individual placement agreement.

As part of support planning with you, the council will decide on the cost of meeting your care and support needs. This fee is the amount paid to the care home and is made up of both the council’s contribution and your assessed contribution.

Third-party contributions

If the home costs more than we would normally pay, another person or organisation may agree to pay the difference between the actual cost and the usual amount we will pay. This is called a third-party contribution.

You cannot use your own resources to pay towards a third party contribution, except in the following circumstances:

  • you own a property and it is being disregarded for up to 12 weeks for financial assessment purposes
  • you own a property and have a deferred payment agreement with us.

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