How am I told about my contribution?

We will complete the financial assessment and tell you what your contribution will be when we have your financial details. If we have any further queries we will contact you to request additional information. We will then send you a letter explaining your assessed contribution.

If you disagree with the assessment, or if any of the details are incorrect, or have changed, you must contact our Financial Assessments and Benefits Advice Team. The telephone number and the name of the person you should contact will be detailed on your assessment letter.

Once we have notified you about the contribution you must inform the team of any changes to your income or capital while you are receiving care, as any changes may affect your contribution.

We will send you a statement on a four-weekly basis detailing the weekly contribution and the date this is due for payment. We send the statements four-weekly in arrears.

Payments may be made by cheque or standing order.