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Let’s Talk Warwickshire focuses on parenting

Parenting can be tough, and it’s okay not to have all the answers. In this episode we discuss the everyday challenges of parenting and the available support across the county. 

In its latest Let’s Talk Warwickshire podcast episode, the council discusses the everyday challenges of parenting and the available support across the county. This episode offers practical advice and highlights local resources to help parents navigate their journey with confidence.

Parenting can be tough, and it’s okay not to have all the answers. This podcast aims to provide reassurance and guidance, covering topics like building strong family relationships, effective communication, and managing conflicts at home.

Key topics include:

  • Understanding the challenges of parenting and the importance of seeking support.
  • Practical tips on communication and conflict resolution within families.
  • Where to find local support services and training opportunities for various family needs.
  • Overview of Warwickshire County Council’s Early Help services and how they support families in difficult times.

The podcast features interviews with Warwickshire County Council staff and a mother from North Warwickshire shares her story of seeking help and support for her teenage son through courses provided by the council’s Early Help team. She noted that the course leaders and the parents' WhatsApp group became sources of great support, where they shared experiences and tips. She found this community invaluable in navigating the challenges of modern parenting influenced by social media and technology. The course equipped her with effective parenting skills and new insights, transforming her approach with more confidence and support.

Reflecting on the Early Years support, Marina Kitchen, Head of Early Help at Warwickshire County Council shared: "We've engaged with over 6,000 parents in Warwickshire during the past two years. Our team universally believes that if these programmes had been available to us when our own children were younger, we would have eagerly participated. Peer support and shared knowledge are invaluable in managing parenting challenges."

Cllr Sue Markham, portfolio holder for Children and Families, added: "The Let’s Talk Warwickshire podcast is an excellent platform to showcase the fantastic work our staff do in the county. I hope this episode helps caregivers—whether parents, carers, or grandparents—understand that they can find help and support at any stage of their journey. This support can make a significant difference to them and the children they care for. As a Child-Friendly County, we aim to not only provide support but also demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that our county is nurturing and enriching for our youngest residents. We offer a wide range of activities and resources to support our children and young people to grow and flourish. "

For more information on parenting courses and support available in Warwickshire, visit or click here: Explore previous episodes of Let’s Talk Warwickshire on PodBean and other podcast platforms.

Published: 10th July 2024

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