Warwickshire County Council are consulting on potential changes to the S2, S3 and S4 residents' parking zones in Stratford-upon-Avon, as detailed in the documents linked below.

Please note - due to delays in the delivery of leaflets, the closing date for consultation returns is now Friday 30th June 2023.



The “S2" zone consists primarily of terraced housing with little access to off-street parking, meaning that there is a high demand for limited on-street parking from residents. In addition, proximity to the town centre streets with no on-street parking allocated means that parking in “S2” is heavily used by Pay & Display visitors to the town centre and is preferable to “S3” for those with “S2 and S3” permits. As a result, the “S2” zone is regularly parked up at or near to capacity, and finding a space for residents can be challenging. Detailed parking surveys carried out in early 2022 demonstrated that on a typical working day there are generally numerous spaces available in the “S4” zone, but fewer in the “S2”. There were high levels of occupancy in the combined “S2 or S3” zone, mostly displaying “S2” permits so clearly being used as overflow parking for that zone.


Proposals are to merge the current “S2” and “S4” zones, using some of the existing capacity within the “S4” zone to spread the location of convenient parking for town centre residents and visitors across a wider area. In addition, all the marked bays across the revised “S2” zone would be subject to the same times of operation; shared use between permit holders and Pay & Display parking during the daytime (8am - 6pm), permit holders only overnight.

Consultation Leaflet & Plan of Proposals

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If you wish to provide feedback to proposals, please do so by any of the following methods:

In your e-mail or letter responses we would be grateful if you would clearly indicate your response as either:

  • Support
  • Support in Principle (with suggested amendments)
  • Do Not Support

We would be grateful if any feedback is submitted to us before Friday 23rd June 2023, and a summary of results with a timeline for next steps will be published on or before Friday 7 July 2023.

Published: 19th May 2023