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Welcome to In Safe Hands - Safeguarding Conversations with the Headteacher Coach, hosted by Carl Lewis, Warwickshire County Council’s Headteacher Coach for safeguarding.  

Each month, a different theme will be covered to complement the information sent out to education settings in Warwickshire, but the topics may also be of interest to other professionals.
This podcast shares some of the work the council is doing to keep children safe in Warwickshire, talking to passionate people about what they do to generate discussion and dialogue around good practice and how to support colleagues, families and young people.

Episode 1 - September 2022

In the first episode, Carl is joined by John Coleman, Assistant Director for Children and Families to discuss the year ahead and what to expect from the service. John talks about his role at Warwickshire County Council, his background as a social worker and the work the Council is doing to support safeguarding in schools. Listen to and follow the podcast on Spotify:

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Published: 20th September 2022