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Warwickshire County Council's Cabinet has approved proposals to change the age range at Brownsover Community Infant School from its current 3 to 7 years, to 3 to 11.

New plans will see the school take in fewer children to each year group from September 2023 so it would go from a two-form entry infant school to a one-form entry primary, lowering the number of children in each year group to 30 but eventually offering education across seven year groups rather than the current three. 

Ultimately, the school will build back up to exceed its current total of 180 pupils when it is an all-though primary with seven one-form entry year groups of 30 pupils each, totalling 210 pupils.

This will safeguard the future of Brownsover Community school which, financial modelling shows, will be more sustainable as a one form entry primary school.

Both Brownsover Community Primary and Boughton Leigh Infant School have been under pressure following a decrease in birth cohort numbers in the local area in recent years resulting in reduced numbers on roll at both schools. 

The opening of The Griffin School, a one form entry primary school, on the nearby Gateway development in 2023, which includes 1300 homes, will increase pupil capacity in the local area.  Therefore, reducing Brownsover Community School’s PAN from 60 to 30 will help keep the supply of school places in the area at a sustainable level.

To support the proposals, capital works are required to provide a Key Stage 2 learning environment and achieve the minimum classroom size guidelines and ancillary space. This additional classroom space will be achieved by the remodelling of existing internal space.  The £0.965m cost was approved by Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet through £0.509 developer funding and £0.456 from the county council’s education capital grant.

Brownsover school will take its first influx of year three pupils in September 2026.  In the interim years, children will leave year 2 and go on to Boughton Leigh Junior School.  Following the first year 3 intake at Brownsover Community School in September 2026, Boughton Leigh Infant School and Boughton Leigh Junior School admission numbers will align.

Cllr Kam Kaur, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Education, said:

“Changing the age range at Brownsover Community Infant School is a simple measure but makes terrific use of public money. It relieves pressure on existing schools in the short term and allows them to change their offer so that they can be sustained and add resilience to our local educational offer in coming years when numbers go back up. Local residents will benefit from the wider choice and increased quality of education.


“For pupils at Brownsover, it will also ultimately offer the experience of an all-through primary school, allowing them the continuity of education as they go from reception through to secondary age. Again, this can only be good for their educational and social development and will help to bring communities together as children grow up together. I’m thrilled at what a good outcome tis has for all involved.”

Published: 1st August 2022

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