photo of Vera

There is always time to learn something new.

After spending many years in Portugal where, of course, there was no need to practice her English, Vera found she had forgotten the vocabulary she knew in the past and needed to start again.

A new start

Vera moved to Warwickshire from London. She loves where she lives now because it is peaceful, green and the people are so friendly! Because she enjoys the culture and was keen to become part of her community, when Vera saw a leaflet about English classes at Hill Street she decided to find out more. She spoke to the Programme Lead, took a test on the computer to find the right level to begin at, and started working towards her Level 1 qualification. Vera's husand began studying at the same time, too. 

An outgoing, sociable person, Vera made many friends in her neighbourhood, and feeling more confident communicating with people helped her friendships develop. She says her English has improved because she is practising it all the time in daily life. She's happy to be able to do things for herself instead of relying on friends, or an interpreter. She can even complete complicated documentation independently, now. Although her friends still rally round when she needs them to, for exanple helping her and her husband move house. 'They are lovely people,' she says 'who embrace us.'

Listen. Confidence will grow

A former nurse and baker, Vera has always enjoyed studying, and says there is always time to learn something new. Her top tips?  'Listen a lot, and be open to accepting help! Confidence will come with time.'

'My tutor and I - we are a good team,' Vera says. 'We work well together. She is wonderful - her attitude is incredible. She is so kind. She helped me through some difficult times.'

Vera's next goal is to pass a Level 2 qualification to help her develop her other passion – baking!  Although she worries a bit about exams – especially grammar – she is well on the way to achieving it. And that will help her learn more about English cakes (more icing and less cream than Portuguese cakes, apparently). Would it be greedy to hope she still bakes plenty of both?

Published: 7th July 2022