Karen's story

'Maths is for everyone.- give it a go!' Karen's ACL story began when our brochure was posted through her door. What might this year's brochure bring for you?

My ACL journey started with a leaflet through the door. At first I forgot about it, and it was left on the side. A few days later, I thought I’d have a quick flick through while drinking my cuppa. 

The homework challenge

I’m not sure why, but the ‘Maths is for Everyone’ title caught my eye and in particular, ‘parents who need to help their children with homework…’ My daughter is currently in Year 9. Over the last few years she has lost her confidence with Maths and, with lockdown etc,,  it really was a struggle.  I’m a full time working and single parent and homework can be a challenge, but Maths for both of us was definitely an issue. 

It’s been over 30 years since I was at school and I can’t remember any of my Maths lessons, although I was always pretty good at it.  The saying use it or lose it is definitely true, I can’t remember fractions, denominators etc, certainly not to the extent to talk quietly and calmly about them to a teenager!

I bit the bullet and completed an online application form and, not long after that, spoke to the wonderful Programme Lead.  After doing an online assessment, I was in between 2 Levels so I started off at Level 1 in September, with the option to move up if necessary.  I will admit I really enjoyed the online portal!  I found it was my personal challenge to complete all the Levels.  After a few weeks, the Programme Lead decided that I would find it more challenging in Level 2, so I moved up and was taught by a very patient tutor. Fast forward, and in January 2022 I sat my Edexcel Level 2 Maths exam.


The whole exam process – full exam conditions – was nerve-wracking and I was really, really nervous.  The two hours went very quickly, though, and I will go as far to say, I enjoyed the exam. I had to wait a few weeks for the result but I passed with 84%.  Extremely pleased and proud of myself.

The best thing of all - from the moment I started the lessons, I found myself able to sit with my daughter and help her through her Maths homework.  I can use terminology that she recognises and we can work through any harder questions together. My daughter has also improved. From September, she will be in Year 10 doing her GCSEs.  I have already put my name down to do Maths GCSE, so we can carry on working together. 

Not only were the tutors so encouraging and helpful, but the fact that this course was free was just brilliant.  Give it a go, I thoroughly recommend it all.

Published: 7th July 2022