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Hatton and West Warwick soon to get a bespoke new public transport link

It’s good news for residents in Hatton and West Warwick as a new on-demand public transport service will soon be operational.

The new service – IndieGo PLUS – is provided by expert provider Liftango who are working with Warwickshire County Council to offer the County’s first truly demand responsive transport offering.

IndieGo PLUS will offer residents in Hatton and the West Warwick area a low-cost, on-demand way of getting around their local area. Residents will be able to book and pay directly from their smartphone through the IndieGo PLUS mobile app and, using the latest technology, track their bus in real-time to the meeting point of their choice. For those who prefer a more traditional method, a call centre will also be available.

IndieGo PLUS is a fast and low-cost way to connect people to places across the West Warwick area, with prices from just £4 for a single trip and discounts for children. Better still, journeys can be booked two weeks in advance up until the day of travel through the app or by telephone. This new and innovative service will be launching in Hatton and the West Warwick area on Monday 16 May 2022. All vehicles will be ramp-accessible for wheelchair users and will feature Wi-Fi and USB charging points.

IndieGo PLUS will replace the current Number 16 Bus Service which has been discontinued following a review, that found its historic and current levels of use to be unsustainable compared to the costs of providing the Service.

Not only will the IndieGo PLUS service be better on residents' pockets, with its low-cost fares, the use of smaller buses complying with the most up-to-date emissions requirements only responding to residents' demand for public transport, will be better for the environment and contribute to Warwickshire County Council’s commitments to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality through a specific Climate-Positive aspect

Cllr Wallace Redford, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Transport and Highways, said: “The IndieGo PLUS service in Hatton and West Warwick will truly be a game changer for Public Transport in Warwickshire and a real demonstration to the Council’s commitment to ensuring its residents are supported through excellent transport infrastructure while creating and county that is sustainable now and for future generations.”

More information about the IndieGo PLUS Service will be available over the coming weeks.

Published: 7th April 2022

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