Jane's banana muffins
Jane's banana muffins

Learning for independence, with growing confidence.

The first ACL course Jane came to was a cooking course on the Active Learning programme.  She wasn’t sure how to use her oven, and relied on a daily food delivery for her main meals. The deliveries were convenient, but of course there wasn’t as much choice as if you cooked for yourself. So this was something really practical she could learn right away. Jane’s tutor showed her the basics, and they made pasta in class. Recently, Jane cooked a chicken at the weekend. She can have whatever she wants to eat at home, now that she’s able to try making it for herself.


Jane wasn’t very confident at first coming along to classes, and it took a while to feel comfortable. In time, though, she was ready to take on another course. The Programme Lead told Jane all about the Life Skills course where you could learn lots of ways to support your independence, and introduced her to another tutor, who could teach her about banking and budgeting.

Last term Jane joined the Life Skills course. As well as learning about the practicalities of managing money and banking, Jane is discovering tips on how to save. Probably her biggest saving will be giving up smoking. Jane wears patches to help with this, and her savings are getting healthier, as she is! She’d like to put them towards a trip to Blackpool. Jane has never been to Blackpool before, and she’s keen to see the seaside and the lights for herself. Jane has written lists of tips in her journal, for example buying second-hand, and shopping around. She finds it motivating to remember the goal she’s working towards.

Making friends

Although Jane was apprehensive at the beginning, she gets on really with her tutors and is completely comfortable now. When one of her tutors was sick she brought in a get well card. She enjoys chatting to the other learners, too.

Jane remembers coming to Pound Lane in her teens, when the site was a school. One vivid memory was breaking her leg on a climbing frame. Of course, the site has changed a lot since then.

And so has education. When you learn as an adult, it’s all about choice.

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Published: 3rd March 2022