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Warwickshire Schools Library Service (SLS) is available to support schools and education settings this year.

Warwickshire SLS can support schools and education settings with a wide range of enrichment tools, reading and curriculum resources, awards, initiatives, events and more that will re-engage children and young people following a pandemic-disrupted education.

In collaboration with Warwickshire Libraries, the SLS supports primary and secondary schools across Warwickshire by offering a subscription-based service at great value to help create lifelong readers and learners in students. SLS staff are on hand to offer professional advice for the development of literacy and learning in educational settings, and can help schools develop their own library and reading spaces onsite to establish text-rich environments that help pupils to make the educational progress they deserve.

The SLS subscription service provides a great range of hand-picked library resources, supporting both the changes within the school curriculum and reading trends to help schools meet the needs of their pupils. This is offered at great value as borrowing books is much cheaper for schools than buying them, whilst ensuring that the stock is always kept up-to-date and in great condition. The range of books available includes hi-lo texts for struggling readers, and more challenging age-appropriate titles to extend those children who are progressing well. The stock of books is always inclusive to ensure that pupils can see themselves and others reflected in the books they read. Printed books provided by the SLS also offer an educational advantage in an increasingly digital world, as printed texts can be easier to comprehend and absorb, particularly for longer and more complex texts, visually less demanding and have spatial and tactile cues that help students with processing.

The full list of SLS services available to help get children and young people back on track this year include:

  • Annual Reading for Pleasure Loans. Reading levels have been impacted by COVID-19. SLS Reading for Pleasure loans can help establish a reading culture within a school - with evidence indicating that reading for pleasure can improve empathy, relationships, well-being and reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Curriculum topic boxes. These help with lost learning in other areas of the curriculum and are hand-picked to suit a school’s requirements. Each topic box includes high quality texts at the appropriate key stage level and tangible artefacts related to the topic.
  • Creating great school libraries. The SLS team work with schools to help create engaging and inspiring reading spaces for pupils. Evidence shows that school libraries and librarians positively impact on attitudes to reading and learning as well as reader enjoyment, reading outcomes and attainment. SLS staff can also support the enhancement of pre-existing library spaces by implementing stock audits, library management system support, design and layout advice, and offering book recommendations.
  • Supporting school staff. The SLS provides training programmes and support for teachers and librarians, including regular primary and secondary school network meetings for school staff. Telephone and email support and advice services are also available.
  • Book Awards, initiatives, and events. A range of motivating awards, events, initiatives and fun activities can be provided for all year groups to inspire and engage pupils in reading more for pleasure. To view previous examples, visit

Cllr Andy Jenns, Portfolio Holder for Customer and Transformation, said:

“Warwickshire Schools Library Service is an invaluable partner to any school that would like to open up the world of reading to students. Reading is a fantastic way for children and young people to develop their communications skills and connect with each other, develop their creative imaginations, and to gain knowledge and learn more about the world around them.


“The Schools Library Service subscription provides schools with a great opportunity to enrich the education of their students, and our friendly SLS staff are always available to offer their professional advice, guidance and support.”

To find out more about the SLS, visit

To get in touch with the SLS, email or phone 01926 413461.

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Published: 7th February 2022

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