A casualty reduction scheme is being designed for the High Street, Birmingham Road. The scheme has associated waiting restrictions, banned turning movements, weight limits and 20mph zone.

Scheme Overview

A Casualty Reduction and capacity improvement scheme which seeks to reduce personal injury accidents at the junction between High Street, Birmingham Road and Blythe Road within Coleshill and increase capacity by signalising the junction was approved for the Capital Programme in November 2019, to be implemented in 2022. The junction of Birmingham Road/Blythe Road/High Street features consistently on the County’s annually produced list of junctions with a poor safety record as the junction has a long-standing history of being a casualty hotspot for traffic collisions resulting in personal injury.

The scheme at the junction of Birmingham Road/Blythe Road/High Street will include banning right and left turns from every approach. This will lead to alternative routes being signed for through traffic and local destinations. As part of the scheme it is also proposed to introduce No Waiting at any Time & No Loading at any Time restrictions on the approaches to the junction. Additionally as part of the scheme it is proposed to introduce a 20mph zone in Coleshill as detailed in drawing No. TR/11374-10.

We will be carrying out an exhibition event at Coleshill Town Hall on Tuesday 16 November from 3pm-8pm and on Friday 19 November from 3pm - 7pm. We welcome any comments or feedback during these events.

Public Notice and Legal Orders

Public Notice (PDF, 82 kB)

20mph Statement of Reasons (PDF, 69 kB)

20mph Speed Limit Order (PDF, 65 kB)

No Right Turn Statement of Reasons (PDF, 62 kB)

No Right Turns Order (PDF, 583 kB)

No Right Turn Variation Order (PDF, 61 kB)

Weight Limit Statement of Reasons (PDF, 67 kB)

Weight Limit Order (PDF, 1,216 kB)

Weight Limit Variation Order (PDF, 62 kB)

Waiting Restrictions Statement of Reasons (PDF, 70 kB)

Waiting Restrictions Consolidation Order (PDF, 150 kB)

Waiting Restrictions Variation Order (PDF, 64 kB)

Technical Plans

Turning Movements TR/11374-01 (PDF, 346 kB)

20mph zone TR/11374-10 (PDF, 994 kB)

7.5T Weight Limit TR/11374-17 (PDF, 744 kB)

Waiting Restrictions TR/11374-18 (PDF, 350 kB)

Enquiries and Representations

Any enquiries relating to the proposals may be made to Ross Corben, Communities Directorate, Warwickshire County Council (email greenmanenquiries@warwickshire.gov.uk)

Any objections or representations in support of the proposals, which must be in writing and specify the grounds on which they are made, should be addressed to Ross Corben, Communities Group, PO Box 43, Shire Hall, Warwick, CV34 4SX. (Objections, representations, and the name of the objector or person making a representation, will normally be treated as public information and may be published. For further information on how Warwickshire County Council processes personal data please refer to the Customer Privacy Notice which is available at https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/privacy).

Objections and representations must be sent so as to be received by 10 December 2021.


Published: 20th October 2021