GCSE results

Thousands of Warwickshire students today received their GCSE results, having studied for two years in preparation and not taken exams due to the impact of Covid-19.

Around 6,240 students have completed GCSE courses this year at schools, around Warwickshire.

This year, the Government scrapped the algorithm process that was in place last year and moved to a centre-assessed grading system. Schools have been rigorous in this to ensure fairness. There have been no time limits on testing to ensure that young people who have had to miss school due to closures and periods of isolation have been able to catch up.

Early results, arising during the course of the day, are indicating a very positive picture across schools in Warwickshire. Full results from individual schools are still being collated and detailed data about the county’s overall performance will be published by the Department for Education (DfE) in the autumn.

Cllr Jeff Morgan, Warwickshire County Council's portfolio holder for Children, families and Education, said: “I would like to acknowledge the determination and effort of each and every young person in Warwickshire who collect their GCSE results today. Warwickshire students have worked very hard over the past two years and have shown resilience in these unprecedented circumstances.

"I would also like to thank all of the parents and carers who have played a part in their child’s education. Once again, their support has also been vital, particularly over the final months of the school year, in contributing to each student’s progress, so they must also be thanked today.”

For those students who believe the process this summer was not followed correctly in their case, they will be able to appeal their final grades through their school or college. Centres can appeal as well if they believe something systemic has gone wrong in relation to their results. Full information on the appeals process can be found here.

Warwickshire County Council strives for Warwickshire to be the best it can, offering a great place for children and young people to live, learn and grow. Children are at the centre of our communities and we work hard to ensure that their voices are heard, they are engaged in all aspects of their lives, and they are empowered to reach their full potential. This is embodied in the county through Child Friendly Warwickshire and results day is a key milestone for young people making decisions about their futures and we wish them good luck for the future.

Published: 12th August 2021