The Historic County Flags Day is being celebrated by Warwickshire County Council (WCC) on Friday 23 July 2021 alongside the government.  

The government will be flying the 52 registered flags of the historic counties of Great Britain in Parliament Square Gardens, London from 20 to 27 July which includes Warwickshire’s flag featuring the bear and ragged staff coat of arms. In support of the celebration, WCC is also raising the county flag during this period outside of the council offices at Shire Hall in Warwick.


Historic County Flags Day gives the government the chance to raise the 52 flags of Great Britain as currently registered by the Flag Institute. The aim of the day is to have as many county flags flying across Great Britain as possible on one day as an annual celebration. Flying the flags together in Parliament Square marks a central place in the life of our nation and raises the profile of Warwickshire and the other counties by demonstrating the significance of our Union.


Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council said: “We’re delighted to raise the Warwickshire flag outside Shire Hall to celebrate our historic county, alongside the other rich and diverse counties in Great Britain, for Historic County Flags Day.


“Our history and traditions are the threads that help bind our communities together and it’s an exciting day of celebration of our counties local history, cultures and traditions.


“There’s a great deal to celebrate about living in Warwickshire – from Shakespeare to George Eliot, Warwick castle to Kenilworth castle, and ‘Silicon Spa’ to Kingsbury Water Park – the county has so much to offer to our residents and visitors.”


A key aim of the day is to encourage local residents to learn about the history of where they live and appreciate how that history has helped create the communities we are today. Warwickshire is a county well known for bringing Shakespeare to the world, magnificent historic castles, stunning countryside, diverse mix of towns and villages and a vibrant economy.


The Warwickshire flag is a modern reworking of the county’s traditional emblem of  a white bear and ragged staff on red background, which originated as the seal and then crest, of the Earl of Warwick and was then adapted for use by WCC.


The precise origins of the bear and ragged staff emblem are lost in the distant past, whilst definitely associated with the Earls of Warwick since at least the 14th century, their use in fact seems to extend further back by several centuries.


To celebrate Historic County Flags Day, residents are invited to take part and share online what makes them proud about living in Warwickshire using: #bestwarwickshire

Published: 22nd July 2021