Traders are urged to check their stocks and remove this product from sale

A national warning has been issued by the Office for Product Safety and Standards for the immediate removal from sale of angle grinder chainsaw discs.

The serrated edge discs turn angle grinders in to small hand-held chainsaws, but the two products are not designed to be used together and are likely to cause loss of control which could result in serious injury or even fatality.

Reports have been received of injuries arising from kickback caused by the chainsaw gripping the cutting surface and forcing the angle grinder to sharply turn or jump out of the hand of the operator. Angle grinders are not designed for use with such accessories as they do not incorporate the safety features required for electric chainsaws.

A warning poster can be found here:

Any businesses selling these products must remove them from the sale immediately as they do not comply with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.

Anyone in possession of an angle grinder chainsaw disc must stop using the product and return it to where it was purchased for a full refund.

Warwickshire businesses can obtain further help and advice by visiting


Published: 16th July 2021