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Local elections  REGISTER

Warwickshire residents are being reminded not to miss their chance to register to vote and to apply to vote by post in the May local elections.

On Thursday 6 May, residents in Warwickshire will go to the polls, and with 57 County Council divisions for re-election across Warwickshire, they can have their say on who represents them on Warwickshire County Council.

Time is running out to register to vote – the deadline to register to vote in the May 2021 elections is midnight on Monday 19 April. 

It is quick and easy to register to vote online; visit

Voters have a range of options for casting their ballot: in person, by post or by appointing someone they trust to vote in their place, known as a proxy vote.

If you want to vote by post in the May elections, you need to act fast too. Once you are registered to vote, the deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday, 20 April.

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on Tuesday 27 April.

You can find out more about local elections in Warwickshire by visiting, where you’ll find links to your local borough and district council’s own elections webpages, plus answers to frequently asked questions.

Your vote matters - it makes a difference to how your council prioritises services and responds to issues such as public health, education, employment, climate change, domestic violence, and transport.

By voting, you are choosing who represents your area on the local issues that affect you.

For those who choose to vote in person on 6 May, measures are being put in place to ensure that polling stations are Covid-secure and safe.

Voters are encouraged to keep themselves and others safe by:

  • Wearing a face covering
  • Bringing their own pen or pencil
  • Cleaning their hands when entering and leaving the polling station
  • Keeping a safe distance

Voters should not attend the polling station if they have symptoms of Covid-19, or if they have been asked to self-isolate.

There will be provisions in place to apply for an emergency proxy vote if required due to health circumstances. 

Monica Fogarty, Chief Executive and County Returning Officer, Warwickshire County Council, said:

“It’s important to make sure your voice is heard at the elections in May, and measures are being put in place to help you cast your vote safely. You can vote in person at a polling station, by post or by proxy.

“However you choose to vote, you must be registered in order to have your say at the elections. The easiest way to register is online at

“So, make a plan. Vote early by post or vote by proxy if you don’t want to go out on polling day and vote safely if you do want to cast your vote in person on 6 May.”

For further information on elections in their area, how to register to vote, or how to apply to vote by post or by proxy, voters can also visit This page will continue to be updated ahead of the polls.

Published: 16th April 2021