By-Election – Nuneaton Whitestone – result

Result from Thursday 13th August 2015.

Name of candidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
CRICHTON, Andrew StephenThe Labour Party Candidate503
LUDFORD, Michael JohnGreen Party119
MORGAN, Jeffrey AllanThe Conservative Party Candidate1281
WAINE, Alwyn JoyUK Independence Party (UKIP)292

Turnout – 30.45%

Jeffrey Allan Morgan is duly elected.

Rejected ballot papers

  • Want of an official mark – 0
  • Voting for more Candidates that voter was entitled to – 1
  • Writing or mark by which voter could be identified – 0
  • Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty – 2
  • Total – 3

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Parliamentary Elections 2015

The UK Parliamentary election and local elections (District/Borough and Parish/Town) were held in Warwickshire on Thursday 7 May. Each District/Borough Council is responsible for delivering an elections service in their area (for both local and parliamentary elections) and publishing the results. 

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